Details - Railcar Fine Goods Mens Spikes X002

Raw thick heavy leather patch that is heat burnt branded with Railcar logo

 Selvedge in the outseam, fly, and coin pocket

Chain stitch bottom hem

Single continuous chain stitch on the waistband that is tucked in to prevent unraveling
Belt loops are tucked into the waistband

Railcar "R" stitch in the fly to reinforce the waistband to the fly to the body panel
Also to even more lock the chainstitch on the waistband
Branded waistband buttons

2 piece waistband to prevent rear gapping and to achieve fades on top of the waistband when aging the jeans

Hand hammered traditional washer rivets

2 tone stitch color (total of 4 thread colors in the jeans)

Screen printed on the heavy pocket bag with Railcar art logo

Extra clean stitching (flip the jeans inside out to see)

14.75oz Cone Mills red line selvedge 100% cotton denim fabric
The whole jeans was made on non-automated traditional jeans making sewing machines
No automatic machines was used to make the jeans
100% made by Railcar manufacturing
This Railcar Fine Goods Mens Spikes X002 will be available in this fall

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