I intervewed with Mr. John Alburl from JACK / KNIFE San Francisco about his brand story and its principle.
I want to share JACK / KNIFE's view of the world.

Jack Knife Outfitters and its' proprietors aim to manufacture hand-made utilitarian men's haberdashery, luggage, and accessories; with a focus on classic Americana design inspirations brought to life and revitalized with high-end selvedge fabrics from Japan and Cone Mills. Jack Knife Outfitters business is presently in the manufacturing and retailing of made-to-measure goods. Jack Knife Outfitters has designed, hand-crafted, and sold: denim jeans, selvedge barn coats, workwear vests, four-fold and flat-end ties, a number of pieces of luggage, bandannas, handkerchiefs, field note (passport) holders, pouches, and a myriad of other unique custom orders. Generally speaking the principal customers have and will be anyone appreciative of exclusively rare denim and fabrics crafted into life-time guaranteed pieces that reflect generations of a heritage that was once past, and now is present in Jack Knife Outfitters.

Design catalog
Jack Knife Outfitters as an entity initially came to fruition in January of 2009. John Alburl and Nick Kemp originally came together to design and manufacture neck ties. At the time, the two were in their final years of University, and were seeking interview opportunities for internships and potential career opportunities. Being on student's budgets, the two decided they would make for themselves the ties they admired but could not afford. With the gift of a sewing machine from Mr. Kemp's mother, and a whole lot of ingenuity, the two taught themselves how to make tailored four-fold ties of English worsted wool purchased from the local fabric shop. Since those early days, the two have pushed the horizon even further for the possibilities of Jack Knife goods. Mr. Kemp has been feverishly working on countless designs for outerwear, shirts, pants, shoes, luggage, and much more; years have been spent perfecting details with the aim of having Jack Knife Outfitters being able to seamlessly stock any contemporary utilitarian's wardrobe.

Jack/Knife can also proudly rest assured in the fact that all of our pieces are constructed using the top echelon of materials available.  As design trends are always shifting, the desire for top quality materials from consumers does not waiver. Our denim is all selvedge fabric that is hand woven on the last of the old-school wooden shuttle looms. There are a handful of these machines left in the world (the count for these hand operated wooden looms is around a dozen. Three are owned by Cone Mills in North Carolina, and the rest are  in Japan.) To further emphasize the nostalgia behind these machines, think Rumpelstiltskin. Some text from Cone Mills in North Carolina on the inherent characteristics of hand woven shuttle loom fabrics:
“The slow production [of hand woven shuttle loom fabrics] and lack of modern microprocessor ccontrols, as well as the woven selvedge line, gives the fabric woven on these looms a unique character that cannot be duplicated on a modern weaving machine. [Variations] are normal with these fabrics, and is indicative of the true vintage nature of these products.”
The above statement is also true for our canvas and chambray fabrics. Furthermore all of our hardware is hand forged in the USA. Very few brands are offering this level of quality. Jack/Knife’s clientele know that the very core of the threads used in our pieces has been meticulously thought out to insure for durability and refinement.

I express my gratitude for his telling back story.

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