Good Old America as seen through the eyes of French - Fatboy Clothing

Fatboy Clohing started in France precisely, in South of France in Avignon two years ago.
Founder, brothers Larry and Charles are two lovers of vintage culture.
Larry studied bussiness and Charles did a sewing school, that pushed them to realise a dream,
create their own brand.
At first they worked with some stores in France, and then created website with a shop online.
The brand operating in a spirit of more vintage and craft decided to take a chance in Los Angeles.
It's been a year since they are located in L.A. and happy to work with stores such as Tri-Co or General Quarters.
All our creations are originals and NOT COPIES, made with craftsmanship.

Charles is designing

Hand printed one by one 

Installing tag to by hand stitching

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