New Product - Railcar Fine Goods Unisex Utility Tote Bag

Traditional washer riveting reinforces the straps on to the bag that has fabric burrs coming out the center.

To polish off the top, the top hem is done with a chain stitch to creat a "roping effect." 

The bag is made of 14.75 ounce Cone Mills dark indigo selvedge on the bottom and 13.5oz Cone Mills "classic blue" shade selvedge on the top that is triple needle flat seamed to hold together.
Selvedge edge side pockets and front facing pocket for storage.

Interior is lined with a natural color cotton fabric.
The bottom gingham fabric matches with the inside strap.
And has two large selvedge pockets that is also reinforced with a triditional washer rivet.

Large 14 inches tall by 12 inches wide with a flat bottom design.

Great bag for almost anything.

Shopping, work, school, going to the gym, picnic... anything.
This bag should patina beautifully and get better with age.

 Unisex Utility Tote Bag

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