The Missing Number - Railcar Fine Goods Mens Spikes X010

If you have been following Railcar, you may have noticed that Railcar went from the heavy 16 ounce X009 dark indigo red line selvedge and jumped to the X011 brown red line selvedge.
Right after the X009 they got a hold of some really nice Japanese double red line selvedge!
They didn't get too much of it.
But they decided to go a head and make what they got.
You may have scene this fabric used on some well known Japanese brands that cost much more.
But now you can get them in their Railcar men's Spikes straight/slim, medium/low rise fit. The X010 is a great 14.5 ounce dark indigo that is almost black.
It has a think double red line selvedge and is pretty stiff new.
The X010 uses a two tone button design.
Silver wasistband and black fly buttons with black washer riveting to go along with the darker stitching used.
They were also sewn with triple stitched seat seams and belt loops.
And a new dyed leather heat burnt branded patch.
They only made about 1 or two pieces in each style in this lot (Spikes X010, Lot 001) they are not sure if we are or will be able to produce more.
And if they does its not going to be for a while.

More photos and details


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