Railcar Fine Goods Men's Deuce X012 Jacket

The new men's Deuce X012 is our version of a classic Type 2 jacket. A cleaned up design from the original that is made of a 14.75 ounce red line Cone Mills. Nice heavier weight that is still great for year round wear. Fully constructed with triple stitched chain stitching throughout. Heavy two piece lower waistband with continuous tucked chain stitch to reduce chances of unraveling. Selvedge red line is located throughout the interior of the jacket and in and in the front deuce pockets. Pockets are reinforced with copper washer riveting. Heavy leather exterior minimalist patch shows its Railcar. Made in the Railcar Workshop in Arcadia, California on manual and vintage equipment.


The Deuce X012 will close Monday, January 27th.

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