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Indigo People Scarf

Indigo People’s concept is founded on the affection for traditional craftsmanship and the love of natural indigo.
We combine contemporary design with authentic techniques.
Each product is hand woven and customized with integrity by a master artisan.
The base materials are hand selected and dyed in indigo following a labour intensive process.
We aim to create unique products for indigo lovers.


The diamond shaped texture in this Kanoya scarf is hand woven following the traditional four grill weaving technique.
The process highly laborious and ca only be executed by a master weaver.
The natural indigo combined with botanical black warp creates a beautiful deep blue color.
This sophisticated yet casual scarf is completed with a vertical stripe embellishment in natural cotton color.


The hand spun cotton yarns in this Ogori scarf vary in diameter.
These uneven yarns result in a unique texture which distinguishes its purity and beauty.
Following traditional open weaving techniques, the yarns have been strengthened and smoothened with rice powder.
The open texture is ideal to be worn throughout the seasons, from spring to winter.


This hand loomed Otaru scarf is created by a master weaver following the traditional ikat weaving techniques.
The weft yarns are tie-dyed in natural indigo to create the desired pattern during the labour intensive weaving process.
The finished scarf is overdyed in indigo to achieve the beautiful deep blue color.


Following the traditional indigo dyeing technique, the hand spun cotton yarns in this Sakai scarf have been tinted in 2 different indigo blue shades.
The hand woven stripe pattern distinguishes itself by its simplicity.
The unevenness of the yarns creates a unique texture and emphasizes the natural beauty of the scarf. 


The subtle plaid design in this Tsuru scarf is manually created by mixing open weave with plain weave.
The hand spun cotton is wildly harvested and unrefined, which results in uneven yarns.
The yarns have been strengthened and smoothened with rice powder which is essential for creating the open weave.
Both ends are embellished with botanical red stripes.
The half open texture is ideal to be worn throughout the season, from spring to winter.

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